New Studio Timeline

A timeline of our bittersweet journey into a new studio space.  It was bittersweet because we loved our first studio in the Historic Bell Building in Downtown Montgomery and love our landlords (Statewide Management, Inc) but that door closed.  And so we moved forward.  I'm so glad I recorded the transition to the new studio - which was rented "as is" - via quick iPhone snaps:

April 2nd - learn that our situation is changing -->

May 21st - lease signed for new studio space; meet with Logan Wright of Lee Ann's Interiors to choose paint color -->

May 23rd - paint supplies purchased -->

May 24th - it doesn't take us long to realize we need more than paint supplies -->

May 27th - at Home Depot buying baseboards... lots & lots of baseboards -->

May 29th - ugh! I didn't think it could get much worse... but it apparently has.  Hard to remember it must get worse before it can get better.  This is the back wall in my office area where beautiful gallery-wrapped canvas prints will hang. -->

May 30th - the painting started today AND first purchase made for the new office area.  LOVE!  Kudos to Logan Wright (Lee Ann's Interiors) for finding them! -->

June 3 - gray accent wall?  yes, please!  Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom -->

June 4 - painting isn't happening as quickly as I'd like (nothing ever does!); words I don't want to hear: it's gonna take a second coat; Sherwin Williams Alabaster -->

June 5th - Baseboards primed and painted... all 248' of them! -->

June 5th - I'm seriously liking this door! Plan for it to go between my office and the reception area! -->

June 6th - Almost everything is painted with two coats of this beautiful Alabaster but the prop room... and Sue and I are liking the color green that's in there better with each passing day.  -->

June 8th - The ugly green carpet is starting to come out, but not without resistance.  I think the workload and battling a couple of infections this week is really taking a toll on my enthusiasm for this project.  Right now it's hard to see the end and I'm wondering what the heck I was thinking when I thought this was a good idea! -->

June 13th - Green carpet finally gone thanks to the muscles of these guys (husband Gordon and son Daniel).  My family has really rushed in to encourage and help when I'm having trouble seeing that we can do this.  This will be the view from my desk into the reception area.  Glass door pictured above will replace current door.  -->

June 18th - new floor selected for studio area; installation scheduled for June 26th.  -->

June 19 - new Pottery Barn Holman shelves painted and ready to hang. -->

June 26 - supplies purchased for floor project planned for reception, office, and framing rooms.  It's going to be awesome! -->

June 27 - floor in main shooting room of the studio installed!  BIG step forward!  Many thanks to Mr. Perry Hoyett, Hoyett's Floor Covering 334.590.7741 for coming to my rescue!  -->

June 28 - floor painted in reception, office, framing rooms and hallway.  Magic begins tomorrow!  -->

June 29 - My amazingly talented and generous daughter working her magic on the floors of the new studio today. -->

June 30 - sneak peek at the new floor in the reception, office, and framing rooms.  Baseboards next on the list. -->

July 5 - Baseboards going in thanks to super-talented son Emerson and his friend Scott.  -->

July 6th - Amazing son Emerson finished caulking baseboards today, installing daylight balanced lighting, and other fine-tuning elements.  (We've decided he got the best of both of us... my husband's skill and my get-it-done attitude!)  I am overwhelmed at how much my family has sacrificed to help this crazy dream of mine become a reality! -->

July 7 - Sweet hubby spent most of his Saturday installing the door between my office and the reception area.  Here's how the view from my soon-to-be desk is shaping up.  Finished painting the door and baseboards, touch-up painting on the walls and woodwork.  Family came for a studio tour to see the fruits of their labors! -->

July 10 - Sweet hubby spent his Wednesday night installing the Holman shelves.  Soon to be full of framed samples.  -->

July 11 - New studio samples are arriving daily!  I LOVE these torn edge art prints!!  -->

July 11 - New coffee cups for the new studio featuring my fine art photography.  Looking forward to offering coffee to clients and friends who come to visit! -->

July 12 - Just in! These cute little goody bags for our open house!  (tentatively scheduled for Aug. 4th)  We're stuffing them with some very good values like free photo sessions, etc.  -->

July 20 - back to work after a week off for a family vacation; hanging system installed with many thanks to Diana Bunch for the sharing the information on this system and to my hubby for installing it -->

July 22 - found lots of cute little finishing touches at Eastbrook Flea Market this morning -->

July 22 - my business buddy and special friend Sue Sizemore made these fabulous window treatments for the studio!  -->

July 23 - Grant becomes the first client to be photographed in the new studio!  -->

July 24 - chairs arrived from Pottery Barn and pillows from Pier 1 for the office; after some consideration these green pillows were replaced and moved into the reception area and now there are smaller ivory ones -->

July 26 - New Pottery Barn desk arrived today.  Need to finish the chairs and get the canvas prints on the back wall and the office will be finished!  So close! -->

July 27 - the view from behind my new desk; chairs painted ivory and smaller, ivory-colored pillows added; green pillows moved to reception area...  I think I'm going to like it here  -->

July 29 - Arranged the Fine Arts/Coffee area of the Reception room.  I'm excited to have a place to display and sell fine art prints and notecards! -->

July 30 - Reception Room is D.O.N.E.  completed.  concluded.  fini.  c'est tout.  laid by.  Y'all come!

My friend Sarah Stall of Paper Perfections came by the studio tonight to help me assemble the gift bags for the open house.  Mark it on your calendar: Sunday, September 8th, 1:00-6:00 pm.  See you there!


Gift bags are ready for the open house on Sunday, September 8th, 1:00-6:00 pm.  Each gift bag includes a little card with a special value.  Examples: free studio session, free gift prints, free torn edge prints, discounts on products.  YAY!